Calm was the day penning thoughts of what I shall, do.
Stuck in a blind walk for a minute, maybe two.
Thought of going home or staying some more,
decided on staying n going to see Mo.

Talk of days past, of tales vast
and love that never lasts.
Telling of things we did and shadows we cast.

Then She walked in…
Groomed was her hair and her hue,
polish on her nails was blue.
Wanted to look at her thighs but was taken captive by her eyes.

Name was exotic and her walk as that of a higher race.
My thoughts a mixture of erotic yet doused with grace.
She spoke her name with flair as she withstood my smitten stare.

Composed myself as a man,
basked in her glory like I was getting a tan.
Spoke of errands to run, I responded with time at hand
and that is where the story begun.

Her movements were mine, her time I could never decline.
She was glad to be mine as to her will I would incline.
Her worlds she would write as my world she made right..
My spirits she lifted with her might.

Spoke of travels to further pursue the book,
and this my heart she shook.
Told her how much I would miss her
and that was when I kissed her…

© jemedari