I was tagged by savvykenya on this post right here and i’m meant to write a letter to my 13 year old self and so here goes.

Dear (Not So) Little Wamathai,

You are quite small for your age and you look a good 3 years younger which will work against you but not for long. It won’t be an easy year and High School will be horrible at first and you’ll beaten up a lot because you don’t really belong and also because your Kikuyu isn’t up to par. That will change though. After you lose your virginity to an older girl people will start respecting you and even looking up to you which will not necessarily be a good thing.

Be more attentive in class and ignore the people who try to put you down and tell you that you won’t do anything with your life. You’ll actually prove them all wrong. Continue writing but do not hide it, share it more because in later life it will take you places. You love reading and you have a curious mind, continue along that path. You will have problems with authority and it will lead to a broken arm, i wish you could handle that better.

I wish that you could talk your father more though, you may have your issues but he is still your father and you should cherish the time you spend together as he won’t be around forever.

Stay as far away from Njeri as you possibly can even though you’ve had a crush on her like forever. She will break your little heart into tiny pieces in later life. Stop fantasizing about the Marete twins because you will never see them again. They eventually get married anyways.

You will still be friends with Thuo, Terry & Munga even in later life and you will one day share a flat with Terence. Your little brother will remain one of your best friends.

Your love of football will lead to two damaged knees but you will continue loving the sport even though you can’t really play and your knees hurt like hell when it’s cold.

It’s not going to be easy but you’ll pull through, God will see to that.

Yours Truly,

Twenty Something Wamathai

*** In the Spirit of tagging, i tag Anyiko, Rayhab & Thelma