I really don’t see the need of showing love,
Living a saint’s life
Or allow you to slap my cheeks
Because He tells us to do so
I need you to give me my dues, and stop this rant
About helping me

If there is nothing for you to offer
Let me fly, fly away like a bird
And find solace in my heart.

Does it really make sense when you lower me,
Destroy my life
And still cling to Him,
Showering accolades of love, peace and eternity
But not give me my dues?

I don’t really care whether He died for my sins
Yours or nobody’s
Because now, He’s not here
To sort you out!

He came, saw, and was killed
Because of the infirmities
Associated with your likes
Who think the rest are mortals

I don’t care, whether He resurrected after three days
But need my dues,
Or I’ll send you to your grave!

© mburu kamau