I took a walk through my life
Visited those closets
no one ever visited
Opened covered wounds
I needed to find my happy bone
Tickle it and laugh as if am insane
Am done crying
through with desperate waits
I have loved and lost
and no matter what choice we make
They all have their faults
And if making no choice
doesnt leave me at a safer ground
I have been alone
sometimes with friends
and at somepoint i thought friends didnt matter
Because i felt pain
sometimes due to my own actions
But i have also been betrayed
Only to discover
Loners get nowhere
I believed in Money making, huge houses and tossing glasses of success
Am not saying they are not important or that i have made it,
But in own little way, i almost reached my goal
yet that is not important
Like a good friend tells me, ‘It is not about money
Money you shall make and it shall never be enough
Get a passion’
Thanx Charlie, in my own special way i owe you
I have discovered they are more important things
Like the search of knowledge and of a passion
Satisfaction where it matters
i walked far and wide
only to discover the world
At the end of it all
the only realization

© shiku george