I feel your pain I feel your fear
I can see how much it makes you tear
Inside outside that shed grows near
Like being unable to use automatic gear

That fear of love is so unspeakable
And most of the time its unexplainable
So we hide and veil ourselves to places unseeable
Because were haunted of that feeling; unlovable

But there is hope if we just open our hearts
And let it run wild and free like riding a go-kart
That fear is our own creation, not sweet as a tart
Say bye bye fear, hello love…like embracing art!

I shall love my love with endless love
And try hard as much not to feel “dis-love”
Cause the fear is gone and now i love
To love my love with love for love…No fear…just LOVE.

© barbra jolie (Read her bog here)

***This is a reply to this poem here