It is a five letter word
It carries a lot of weight
Once broken
It is hard to mend
It is hard to get back on track.
Sometimes we do get it back
But it is damaged
Fragments have been lost
Time has been wasted
Thoughts have gone overboard
Words that should never have been said are spoken.
If something small happens
It triggers the past pain
The painful memories come flooding back
Once that happens
The love is corroded
A thought of you becomes acid
I did not look at another
I had internal issues
You looked at another
When I asked you to be patient
I am not perfect
But you have shown me
You may love me
And I may love you
I can never trust you
That means
The love I have for you
It is corroded and terminated
I can’t look at you the same way
When you break my trust
Slowly my love gets lost.

©thelma migue