When I’m with you,
I wish that I was with him.
When you talk to me,
I wonder what he would have said.
When you hug me,
I feel his embrace.
When you look at me that way,
It’s him I see.
When I’m lying in your arms,
It’s his cologne I breathe through my nose.
When you kiss me,
I close my eyes and imagine it’s him.
When you want to make love to me,
I stop!! Because I’m afraid I might call out his name.

When he’s with me,
I’m just one of his many casual girlfriends.
When he talks to me,
He’s probably told another girl the exact same words last night.
When he hugs me,
It’s just a casual hug he’d give a workmate.
When he looks at me that way,
He’s just checking to see if he has perfected his skill yet.
When I’m lying in his arms,
He’s thinking about his next business deal.
When he kisses me,
He’s just doing it as a form of protocol.
When he wants to make love to me,
He just wants to satisfy HIS desires and needs.

© bella mauka