If I do not say I love you often,
It’s not that I do not anymore;
But rather I am just trying new ways,
To prove it to you.

If I do not hold you
As I held others,
It’s not that anything has changed,
I jus want you to show me
How I should hold you.

If I should stop kissing
Like I used to;
It’s not that the feeling’s gone,
I jus want your lips to teach mine
How else you want me to kiss.

If I should make you cry,
As I might inadvertently do;
It’s not that I revel in your tears,
But rather through your tears
Do I know that you still care.

If you should find me
Staring at another,
It’s not that I long to stray,
But rather I am thanking the One above,
That I got the best of them all.

If you should catch me
Aloof and deep in thought,
It’s not that I do not care to listen,
But rather sometimes I still can’t believe
That I have you to myself.

If I should say no,
Every once in a while,
It’s not that someone else does it better,
But in a world defined by sex,
I jus want ours to be different.

If you should wake up
And find me gone
Without a word of goodbye,
It’s not that I did not enjoy last night,
But rather sometimes, my heart speaks best,
In the absence of your love.

If I should leave you
And break your heart,
It’s not that someone else has my heart,
No; that is your alone, but rather
Know that I loved you enough,
To let you go.

If my time should come
That I should die and leave you all alone,
I hope that deep down you’ll know
That it will always only be you
That I will love.

-To all the ladies out there trying to understand their guys –