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I have learned to trust to talk to my husband
Instead of always running to my girls
I have learned to make him my confidant
To make him my best friend
I have learned to listen to let him unwind by talking about his day
To let my needs become secondary no matter how tired i am
And to give advice
I have learned to laugh to laugh at his not so funny and sometimes silly jokes
To smile and cheer him up and to be his rainbow as he is mine
I have learned to be strong for the both us,
To offer him my shoulder to lean on
To offer my support and to stand back and let him cry
I have learned to be there for him and to help him pick up the pieces
And to help put the pieces together, hold them together as time binds them together.
I have learned to be truthful though sometimes i may b harsh
And others times i may be too gentle
I have learned to let him be
To let him be himself and to accept him as he is

© Bridget Mutua

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