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I have learned many lessons
I have learned to love again
To open up my heart
For people to see and judge
To try and cope with heart break
Though I’m never ready
I have learned to love again
To accept support from another
To let someone break my fall
I have learned to accept a man
For who and what he is
Without trying to change him
I have learned to compromise
To argue and come to an agreement
To let the past stay in the past
And not to open up old wounds
I have learned to see conflict from afar and avoid it.
I have learned to love and work
That love is a work in progress
That love grows stronger after each trial and temptation
And if it weakens and fails you were not meant to be.
I have learned to work to go to the office for half a day
And before leaving the house to clean and tidy it up
To come back and cook for him and to handle it all with love
I have learned to ask for help, to lean on him when i need him
To step back and let him help and to let him carry me
When I can’t walk or move
I have learned to love him endlessly.

© Bridget Mutua

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