From a young and tender age
I started learning life’s lessons
Some lessons I learnt easily
Others the hardest way
And others in the strangest way
And yet am not done learning.
I learned how to b independent
To be my own support
To shelter my heart from heartache
And failed miserably at that though not always
And i learned how to survive.
I learned that time can be your best friend
And at the same time it could b your worst enemy
Though it heals all wounds time can also open them up.
I learned that patience pays and violence is not the only way
I saw that a good number of sayings are true, very true
And also comforting like karma
I learned that men are the same or at least most of them
That they are after one thing and once you give it up
They walk away and label you
At least i didn’t learn the hard way though i have seen it many times
I have learned to trust no man, to love a few people
To befriend many people
To let bygones be bygones and to move on with life.

© Bridget Mutua

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