Sometimes the idea, the thought
Beats my logic and mind
I cannot think of how
I could never say
‘I’ am satisfied and good bye’

You have filled my heart,
What I thought I knew
You emphasized, I give you many thanks
Which cannot be said, but
…can be seen through actions

Although many barriers seem to come,
We shall remain strong to the skies
I cannot express my love in words
But deeds will let the four letter word
Be visible

Do you remember the nights under the glaring moon
The sharp eyes of the stars,
Blinking in the skies
As we whimpered and gyrated our muscles?

I remember your bodily fragrance
Which is better than any I’ve found here
Or from then natures own
Your soft hands, held me tightly
And the smile,
It’s so innocent but also motherly

When you touch me
Aah! How cool I feel
And when it could happen daily

Just a few days remaining
Before I bid you farewell
Yet i do not want it to be real
But what can I do?

Though my blood and kin,
I have eaten the forbidden fruit
That I can’t eat the acknowledged one
I’ll live with this guilt till His second coming

© mburu kamau