You are my wife
You love me not because i love you,
but because of whom i am
You do not work to satisfy or please me,
but to love me
You are sensitive to my endeavours
You march by my side through any strife i endure
You understand and respect me
You are Proud to be called my wife
You are my winter in times of despair and sorrow
You are the spring breeze that drives my winds of change
You are the autumn beauty in times of celebration and triumph
You are the summer sun that brightens and warms my life

To an ordinary man your task is but to please them
They are selfish and unloving
But i am no ordinary man
I see your struggles as a wife and mother
I respect your devotion for your family and the love you exert
Your energy revives me
Your character defines me
Your eyes see past my pretence and into my heart
This is why I love you

a woman loves and is vulnerable to pain
and at its mercy, she cries in fear and desperation
this is why i love you
you don’t hide your humanity from the world
but indeed let your emotions flow through mine
as a man i bury my natural being
i am quick to show no fear and love without a heart
i am blind to my own anguish and lost within thy self
but when im with you, your honesty defies my manhood
and suddenly the wall i put up crumbles as my soul intertwines with yours
this is why i love you

when my duties as a provider overshadow mine as a father
you do not hate nor provoke me but rather support and care for me
when i am sick and in pain you comfort me
after a hard days work at the office, i am glad to bring with me a dozen roses for the heart that supports mine
i do not come to a broken and destructive home, but to a humble abode
when i commit any transgressions against you, i am not scolded nor am i bound by anger, but freed by your forgiveness.
this is why i love you

to any other man you would be a trophy, you would be a slave to their selfish needs
a reason for their hate and anger
a punching bag
you would be the chains that hinder their freedoms
a barrier to their success
but i appreciate you
you are not a trophy but a gorgeous being
you are no slave for i do not bind you in selfish needs
you are not a reason for my hate but for my joy
you do not hinder my freedom but help me exercise my independence
you are no barrier to my success for you are the success of my life
this is why i love you

so you see,
i live to love you because you breathe to love me
through your graceful touch as a wife
you solemn care as a mother
and your pride as a woman
i am drawn to you
without you i have no voice
i have no beat to my heart
i am enslaved by the innocence of you smile
you are my closest friend
you drive my spirit
im at the mercy of your never ending passion
i will never regret you
you are my wife
i love you

© george wacu