And the walls of my heart
Seemed to close in one me
My mind could think of nothing more than
What we both were
Of the past w have shared
Though not very long
The memories we have created
The many laughs we had
And I wonder
If I had you all along
In my head
That what I thought was
Was strictly inside my imagination
That there had never really been us
That I conjured us
Made I believe that we were us
I guess that is when I boxed you
Stifled you
Made you feel trapped
In the one thing I found a sense of satisfaction
I lost it when I tried
Too hard to make u happy
The only way I knew how to
Yet my efforts just seemed to make you
Feel more and more trapped
More and more ensnared
In this thing called love
The only way I thpough I could please you
Made us part ways
For the unknown
That had once been my territory
Now it feels weird
Like going back to that place
That you saved from
Now am single again
Unsure of whether I will ever trust again

© Wanjiku Mwaurah