For twenty some years now, I keep dreaming of your face,
The glint in your eyes, the echo of your laughter, the happily ever after..
The times we would have shared, the memories captured together,
The happiness and sorrows that we would have endured together…
You know, sibling rivalry, me pulling your hair, you stealing my lipstick.
Silent stranger, if only I could place a smile on that face

Things that could have been, though this memory has grown dim…
I used to picture me and you, hiding under blankets, telling scary stories,
Riding over the rainbow in cute pink ponies….
Savoring the innocence of our childhood,
Learning the lessons of adulthood
Me drying tears from your first heartbreak,
We beaming with joy on that special first kiss that made your body ache..
Silent stranger, if only I could place a smile on that face….

You started a journey that you never finished….
Tucked away in your safe haven, inside mummy’s tummy
Kicking every time mummy massaged her tummy,
But you decided to stop kicking, stop breathing…
You only had two months to go silent stranger,
Why didn’t you wait longer?
Seeing blood trickling down mama’s legs…
The sad look on her face, when they wrapped your pale body in that blanket..
The blanket mummy and I made to keep you warm when you came home,
Still holding on to your little fingers, her piercing cry lingers…
Silent stranger, if only I could put a smile on that face

The little sister I never had, never got the chance to mould you into a beautiful woman
To dance with, to cry with
I wish I didn’t wish so hard,
Maybe then you would be here with me.
My soul keeps crying for you silent stranger, the daughter, the sister,
Who I never got a chance to hold, to place a smile on your beautiful face

©marion vionna