Some stars are born,
Some stars are made,
Some are worn,
Some cascade and fade.

Some stars fall,
Some stars shine,
Some stand tall,
Some abuse wine and die.

Some stars glitter,
Some stars flicker,
Some become bitter,
Some become bigger.

Some stars are bright,
Some can’t be seen in the night,
Some creep in the shadows looking for delight,
When will you become one that lights?

My people need a star to lead the way,
My leaders need one every day,
Shouldn’t my memories star instead of scar?
Like 5 star generals who never got their all-star funerals.

I don’t know which I am,
I don’t know which I will become,
I’m sure you too are one,
Maybe to you stardom will come.

Whichever you are,
Make your wish upon that shooting star,
Whether its stardom you crave or that car,
Enjoy it and travel afar.

© george kinyua