When programmers write code, they interleave
Many complex messages in them, using nested
Loops, and-ifs, end-ifs, if-else but they are always
Careful not to have an endless loop, or a
Continuous loop that never exits to go to the
Next sub-routine, as this could loop forever
Unless that is necessary for the application
Functionality and sustainability

If sub-routine A states that certain
Global variables must be declared, then
This rule must be adhered to since
A variable cannot be used if it has not
Been declared as this would cause the
Sub-routine A to either return an error
Lock or exit prematurely, else loop endlessly

Once all the global variables in sub-routine A
Have been declared, they can then be used in
That sub-routine and this will subsequently
Lead to the end of the sub-routine and the
Exit into sub-routine B

Within sub-routine B, there shall be more
Global variables declared up front and
Then these variables are used within that
Sub-routine B until it comes to a logical
End, but the sub-routine does not need to
Exit as it could be designed to loop endlessly
All this is by design, naturally

© mwenda riungu