Back to the first square,

Back to the midnight talks and giggles,

Back to the endless whispers into the night,

Back to the silent vibration on my phone as we chat,

Back to the guessing games that lovers play,

Back to the unspoken words that come with fear of spoiling the present,

Back to the hidden cries that come with being apart,

Back to the long nights of loneliness,

I like missing you,

I like the absence that brings forth the fondness,

I like that I get to own my thoughts in your dearth,

I like that I think about you,

I like the silence that lets me be with you,

I like the clear thoughts that come in your absence,

Replay the laughter,

Rewind the kisses,

Reminisce about the dances,

Remember the joys and pains,

Resounding your moans,

If you are out there, miss me,

If you are out there, kiss me,

If you are out there, tease me,

If you are out there, please me,

If you are there, come back,

For I will love you like you approve,

For I will kiss you like I miss you,

For I will tease you so I can please you,

For I will lay you as we play,

For I will if you will.

© varvara lamzana