Some say you must have put for me that kamuti,
That our love ain’t natural.
They say there are so many men out there,
Why are you sticking to this particular one, and he’s so far away?
They can’t explain it, why I love you,
I can’t explain it either.
It’s not something I set out to do,
Like, oh am going to fall for you
Never let go of this love.
It’s not that it doesn’t hurt,
This distance, this space between us.
Sometimes I wish I could untie the knots you have tied,
Across my heart so I can be free to love again.
Get so lonely sometimes,
I would dearly love to put my head on your shoulder
For comfort but I can’t.
But when I think about you not being in my life
At all the pain cuts like a knife.
I feel like my heart is ruptured and bleeding
Toxic acid into my system.
I am in a catch 22,
Damned if am with you and damned if am not.
So I don’t know, is it really that love portion
Or the natural kamuti that stirs my heart
Towards you and only you,
Because my heart wants what my heart wants,
And my heart wants you.

© Rayhab Wangari