In the dark pussy is pussy trust me I know.
That doesn’t give you the right to sleep with a girl and then call her hoe.

Check yourself before you hop in the sheets, mess up someone’s perception of sex, and then proceed to call them a sleeze!

What makes you any better, it was date one for both of you wasn’t it, but why are you the one hitting it and she’s the one getting hit.

Your self esteem should take a beating, because honestly she probably gave it up out of pity.

She felt sorry for you basking in past glories and got tired of your asking if you could come in like this was one of them Roman orgies.

I’m just saying that if you wanna talk about it be about it now that you got it don’t flaunt it you probably weren’t that good any way!

How many you’ve been with doesn’t count as much as the ones you’ve actually been in love with. Those matter more because you get hurt when someone else calls them a whore. You get all tense and put up a serious defence…

What you don’t realize is that’s how she felt about you before you got hurt and decided to refer to her as ‘Just a screw’.

You’re getting head right?
But get your head right, think with the one on your shoulders not the one you want her to hold in hers – hands that is or thighs even better.

Wetter – hmmm you can’t even handle it, how are you going to start grabbing at her pants so fast boy you need to pay attention to her tits, just for a bit! Trust me it will make it all worth it!

Never mind me though!
After all you know it all, that’s why you call all your exes Hoe!

© zephania