Call it what you may,
But still it is what it is.
Of this painful time,
I write on this treatise,
To help me let go,
And live my life in peace.
It had hopes of being lifelong,
Never got to such bliss.
A year it’s been reduced to,
She cut short its lease.
It got to a pretty rare moment,
Me on my knees.
She wouldn’t stop,
So her I had to release.
Her I treasured,
Thus her I will miss.
Away this pain,
Now I’m left to hiss.
She crushed my heart,
Now I join it piece by piece.
A stronger man
I hope to rise from this.
It will take some time
But to myself this I promise,
To never again be a victim
Of such kinds of worries.
As a goodbye,
I send you this,
A goodbye kiss.

© Robert I. Gacuguma