They always say that its a beautiful smile,
Ever smiling, they call me,
Some loudly ask why am ever smiling?
I chuckle a little and say, “It’s what I do”
They accept that answer, never asking questions
But its not the truth
Because there’s so much that is hidden behind this smile.
My friends train with me, asking if they hit too hard when I wince
I smile at them, and they think there’s no problem.
At night when no one’s around, though
If they stopped by and checked in on me,
they’d see a little bit
of what lies hidden behind this smile.
I sit here, looking at the screen
whenever I type something, I insert some form of smiley.
As the tears fall down my face,
I muffle the sobs,trying to keep all in the dark
of what lies hidden behind this smile.

© shiku george