So bad the world has become
It can never ever heal.
When people simply steal
Just for the thrill.
When instead of till,
People opt to kill
Just to pay the bill.
Whilst others own a mill,
Others can’t even get a meal.
Whilst others slumber in a mansion on a hill,
Others sleep in the park with chill.
When children choose to ‘fill’
Instead of ‘chill’.
When businessmen want to deal
With a guy called bill from a hill,
To make him surreal
And sell him fake instead of real.
When people can will
At any age they feel.
The young are those they kill,
With bright futures and zeal,
Their dreams to never fulfil.
Heaven has a serious grill
Before you are shown the drill,
So now your fate do seal.

© Robert I. Gacuguma