I wake up every morning
At about 6 am.
And what’s on my mind?
The itch to write.

Its 8 am, am at the office
Am supposed to begin work
But something is bothering me
The itch to write.

I am deep into my work
There is so much to do, so little time
And all of a sudden it bites me again
The itch to write.

Its already evening! WTF happened to the time?
I cant believe I did all this
And all I did is so no work related
The itch to write.

Its so cold outside, roof over my head am thankful for
The blanket is so cozy, the chocolate so hot
Still at this cozy feely time, all thats in my mind
I still have the itch to write!

© Barbra Jolie (Read her blog here)