Music; how do I define it
How do I portray it
How do I see it
Let me try and explain it

Music Is feeling
Its not about rhyming
But rather believing
Portraying reality
Emphasizing the aching
So that its plain to the seeing
Comfort to the ailing
A sweet escape to hearts aching
Eyes crying
A sound that’s freeing
To those that their minds remain in slavery
The music frees them
Whether its the beat or the poem
An embrace turning the pain numb
An anthem to those dumb
Life’s beauty
Like the leaves of autumn
Silence to the sound of magnums
Pride to the broken streets of California
The soul of Harlem

Music is power
A gate to stardom
A diverse stream of rhythm
Used in the right manor
A possible sanctum
However when corrupted by some
Its easy to to succumb
To a corrupted wisdom
Yes your the victim
Its, sweet venom
Flows soft in volumes
Holding your morals ransom

Music is spirit
The beat the outfit
The message it transmits
A bandit split
Between good and evil
Sometimes words of the devil
Sometimes words from the chapel
From god
Translated from gospel
Easy to create
From the way we say it
Other-times we demonstrate it
Music is feeling
Music is spirit
Music is power
Music is but an outlet

© george wacu