chain me,
and once more I will be free,
this prison has been my home,
so far all that I have known,
and I have grown,
accustomed to it’s dark cold,
and a company all of my own.

You say you have freed me-
is that so?
Then, where did you intend me
to go?
Back to anonymity,
in a society I no longer know?
At least in there I had a name,
and a number by which i was known,
and in my hunger and squalor, I wasn’t alone.

For surely what is this world,
if not a larger cell block,
whose inmates I know not,
yet as i stand and watch them walk-
past, hurried and fast,
at last I understand,
it is simply from the comfort of confinement,
to the isolation of independence,
that i have been cast.

whip me,
so that once more i may feel,
so that life
may, once more, become real,
for though i understand captivity,
the terror and suffering it means,
it is with this…this
nothingness i cannot deal
without this pain, the happiness is nil
and without these how can i know i live still?

dominate me,
yes please, oppress me,
you see, as a slave driver you define me,
for hating you helps me survive,
running from you keeps me alive,
my spirit derives it’s drive,
from my will not to succumb to your strife,
like the warrior,
fatally wounded,
one hand holding his guts together,
while with the other,
with all of his dying might,
slashing his adversaries left and right,
knowing he lives only as long as this fight,
and only when it’s over,
will he surrender to the blinding white light,
and darkness of everlasting night,

bind me and blind me,
for only what i perceive,
is my reality,
i do not long for clarity,
for through it i see only disparity,

Yes please,
imprison me,
for i prefer a misery that is certain,
to a freedom that is foreign…

© kevin gachuma