When i look in the mirror
A stranger stares back..
I don’t see myself any more

I do not recognize
The sad sorrowful eyes
Looking back at me

I don’t know what happened
Or when it happened
But some where along the way
I lost myself

Trying to find myself
Is like looking
For a dandelion
In a field of dandelions

I want to scream for help
But my voice is gone
Or it can’t be heard…

Either way, it doesn’t matter
Gone is the chance i had
To be helped by some one else

Now i stand alone
And i must do this
By myself to be free
Other wise, it won’t work

I’ll always be a slave
To my rescuer’s demands
And whatever he may think of.
For my life won’t be mine…

All this soul searching…
Am i looking hard enough
Or in the right places?

I feel more lost now
Than when i began
I’m not sure any more…

This is so confusing,
Hard and frustrating
All in one…
Weighing me down

Patience is said to be a virtue
And though it is my blessing
It is slowly wearing thin
From all these ‘weights”…

© bridget mutua