My flag needs Less red, more white. Less blood, more lives.
Less beds, more nights. Less hands, more wives.
Less tribe, more nation. Less vibe, more action.
Less politicians, more leaders. Less Martians, more builders.
My flag needs less spears, more white.
Less guns, more tools. Less fools, more learn.

Mine should be less house, more home. Less fences, more visits.
Less walls, more love. Less fall, stand tall.
Less grab, more have.

Kenya needs less rallies, more God. Less churches, more God.
Less slums, more farms.
Less scams, less scum, more Githongo, more Ngugi wa Thiong’o.
Less whispers, more firimbi.
Less condoms, more trust.
Less old, more youth.
Less me, more you.
Less traffic cops, more POLICE.
Less crime, better pay. Less crime, we better pray.

Less soaps, more love. Less toys, more boys.
Less soap operas, more reality.
Less dreams, more ambition.
Less hunger, more kindness.
Less greed, more feed. Less blindness, more trees.
Less blunders, more thought. Less fights, more dialogue.
Less insults, more smiles. Less rush, more time.
We need less miracles, more belief. We need less of less and more of more.

© george kinyua