The room was dark
There were no windows,
No doors, just a hole
A hole in the ceiling

The room was cold
There was no light
Just a wet floor
And the freezing cold

There was no bed
The corner was my shelter
With two ice cold walls
And a lake for a floor

There was something in it
There was a living thing
I could hear it swim
As i felt the ripples

The cold moist air
Only added to my fear…
From above came laughter
The cruel sadistic laughter…

The wet floor seemed colder
Everything seemed colder
As the walls moved in
And the water kept rising

The creature in the water
Was getting too close
I could feel it by my legs
Slithering around me

The warmth from my body
Seemed only to attract it
For it was in search of warmth
A nice cosy place to sleep

The level of fear griping me
As the cold air covered me,
And sipped into my bones,
Was getting to be too much

And yet, there was nothing
Nothing i could do
Nothing i could say
To comfort myself

All i could do
Was curdle into a ball
With the creature hiding
Underneath my feet

And listen to the laughter
As tears flowed freely
And the cold embraced me
In this prison hell…

© bridget mutua