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Gladys was so looking forward to the camping trip that she wished that she had super powers, the kind that could fast forward time. She would fast forward to that day, this waiting and wondering how it would be wasn’t good for her. She daydreamed about it and him every day. She wished that she could share her feelings with some of her friends but everyone she told about or introduced to King become interested in him. She did not want to take that chance. There was definitely something special about King, women were attracted to him like a fly to a bulb.

The day did eventually come and King did show up. She got a bit carried away upon seeing him though that when he made to kiss her cheek, she turned and kissed him on the mouth. He surprised her by kissing her back and my could he kiss. She was so embarrassed afterwards but he looked so unperturbed and comfortable with the situation and that relaxed her. They campers including King and Gladys were ten in total and had hired a van. It was a self drive and they would take turns driving in the 4 hour journey. Gladys stayed as far as from King as she could possibly could during the journey because she did not trust herself to behave. She wanted to let loose and get wild with King but not in public, PDA was not exactly her thing.

King was charming, easy going and had such interesting stories that her friends loved him especially the women but the men who had come along with them were their boyfriends so she wasn’t worried. The trip was way more fascinating with him around. Anyway they got there in good time and set out to the camping site with their gear immediately. They had 5 tents for each of the couples and after they set them up they went in search of something to eat since they were hungry. They ended up at a nearby hotel but there was a conference there and they were on a break so there was no table available. They were advised to come back later. As they turned to leave, someone called out Gladys’ name. She looked back only to find that it was Bill. She wondered what he was doing there.

Bill and Gladys were kind of going out. He was her fallback plan in case things did not work out with King. She would have to dump him once she hooked up with King or maybe she would just keep him around. Bill was a nice guy and she could rely on him, he was even good in bed but he just didn’t excite her in the least. He would make a boring husband if things ever got that far but better a boring one than none at all. He had told her that he was attending a conference out of town. She was so excited about the camping trip that she did not bother to ask its location.

Sally meanwhile, was having a crisis of sorts. There was a guy that she had been seeing and after they had been together for a little over six months he started talking about marriage and their future together. She thought that he was joking at first but when he persisted she realized that he wasn’t. She liked Simon – he was funny, interesting and was fun to have around- but it was too soon. She did not know him well enough to take that kind of step with him plus he intended to remain in the states while she did not. She tried to reason with him but it became apparent that he was obsessed with her and so she made the decision to leave him. She had a soft spot for him still so he remained in her life somewhat and he still continued to proposition her any chance he got. She stayed single for seven months after they broke up and sometimes she felt lonely and regretted saying no to Simon. But then she met King.

Simon detected a change in Sally almost immediately and he tried asking her about it but she wasn’t forthcoming so he had to get creative. He was almost certain that it was another guy. He started by asking her friends but none of them seemed to know anything. He showed up at her house one day and when she was in the kitchen cooking he tried logging in to her email account but couldn’t correctly guess her password. After that he took to checking the dialed numbers on her phone over a period of time. There were three numbers that she called often, two were local and one was international. He focused on the local numbers first. One turned out to be female and the other was male and a cousin of hers. Now that only left the international number. The country code was not familiar but a quick internet search revealed that it was Kenyan. He called using a payphone to confirm the person’s gender, it was a man. Finding out his name presented a problem as he couldn’t figure out what story he would feed him when he called without spooking whoever it was. He did not want to do that at this stage. Simon was Ghanaian but he had Kenyan friends and he sought their help on how to proceed. It cost him ten thousand in Kenya Shillings but the results were worth it. His pal’s contact in Kenya sent some money to the number via a mobile transfer service called mpesa. Apparently when you do that, a text message is sent from the network operator to the sender’s phone indicating the amount that had been transferred and most importantly the receiver’s name.

When Simon got that information he went to Sally and confronted her with it, wishing to know who King was to her.

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