Why wait when you know whatever
You wanted in life is right there
Right in front of you.
It’s just waiting for you to grab it
And make it your own.

Why wait when we know that life is too short
To keep waiting, accidents happen, God forbid
The French say, ‘La vie est courte, amuse toi bien,
Mais faire attention..’ it means life is too short
Enjoy yourself but be careful.
They say life is a bitch, and it’s true.

Distance separates the ones in love
For some, love comes in one way.
And for others it comes in both ways but
It is either abusive, or not satisfying.

Life is sudden but we have to be careful
Heartbreaks we tend to avoid but without the healing
We wouldn’t learn.

Denial is not just a river in Egypt
It’s a freaking ocean, so, what do you do not to drown in it.
Do you tell that person you love that you can’t live without them?
Do you let your heart first think then follow it?
I know that the heart never fails but what if
when I decide to wait for my heart to decide,
then life endeavours happen, then comes regret……
Love does not knock often, but if it does
You have to let it in…

Life is too sudden for us to wait…
If you know you love him/her
Tell them
Tell that friend that you are sorry for not
Keeping in touch
And pray to God to keep keeping
You alive to fulfils your fantasies
And to get that that you desire

From the diaries of her making…

© Catherine Nzissi