Chilly to the touch
hard and immobile
unapproachable and heartless; cold.
An attempted kiss isn’t bliss
just frostbitten lips.

But when it melts
it is fluid and warm
aromatic, steamy, dreamy
it soothes me greatly
as i swim and explore, shore to shore.

It pulls me in deep
covers my soul like sweet sleep
and I sink, going down, down, down
I cannot be found
and I drown.

Behold my dilemma:

Ice will freeze me and leave me
shivering and miserable, lonely.
Yet liquified it engulfs me
in it’s seductive caress
and I am helpless.

I cannot escape it
for it is with me daily.
Therefore: I shall keep my affections to myself
during winter
Then, when the spring comes
I’ll wear my flippers and aqualung
and go swimming in the deep.

© Mutinda Kitana