To be able to see the man that you’ve become,
The man that time has made you.
Your ambitions,
Your hopes,
Your dreams and disappointments.
To be able to kiss you again and again through the ages,
Through the anger and the pain,
Through the joy and the glee.
To be able to appreciate your lost youth,
And kiss your wrinkles and beards.
To be able to love you
Regardless of forgotten glory
And faded praise.
To be able to still be the one that you need, to have your day have gone right.
To be the one that you have loved, hated, despised, adored…
To be the one that you still cannot live without.
To be the one whose tears you have wiped
And who has kissed away yours.
To be your strength, your fortress
The mother of your line
The lover of your soul
To be,
your wife.

© barbara karuana