We cry, we cry!
As the days go by
Expectations run high
Food scarcity is nigh
Its way too dry

Malnutrition is bad
Makes life so hard
Everyone feels so sad
When it wets we’ll be glad
Still its way too dry

Our government feels nothing
We are the opposite of kings
Our hearts cannot sing
Home there is nothing to bring
Because its way too dry

Thank God its wetting
It just feels like spring
Now our tummies have something
It’s a nice feeling it brings
Oh it’s wet, no cry!

Wait a minute now will you
What are we going to do?
This wetness seeps through
My rooftop I see blue!
It’s wet now, I cry

Mother nature have mercy
It feels like you’re cursing!
But it’s not her who’s the sting
Our nature of complaining
When it’s dry we cry
Now it’s wet we still cry!

© Barbra Jolie (Read her blog here)