There was nothing wrong with him, he was in fact very attractive, but he just wasn’t her type. She wouldn’t even have accepted his dinner invitation had he not asked so nicely. As she was getting ready for their date her pal helped her plot an escape plan in case things became unbearable. She also wore an incredibly tight pair of jeans in case she got drunk and he got ideas. It was no mean feat though and she had to jump up and down for quite a while to get into them.

So he came to pick her up and out to dinner they went. It went really well considering her earlier reservations. He had a sense of humour and interesting conversation. There was more to him that met the eye and she was so glad that she had agreed to come. For some reason she felt safe with him and she duly informed her pal via sms that the escape plan would not be required that night. After dinner they went out dancing and he turned out to be a terrific dancer. The night out was so much fun but it had to come to an end. He took her home, kissed her cheek and turned to leave but she held his arm and invited him inside, something she hadn’t done in a while. She fixed him a drink but he didn’t even get to taste it. She set it on the table and when he reached for it she reached out and kissed him. Things got hot and heavy and she suggested they take it to the bedroom. He carried her there and they started undressing each other but try as they might they couldn’t take the jeans off her. It was ironical really, she had worn them to keep him out. She proposed that they cut or rip them but he took their not coming off as a sign and he insisted they just hold each other and sleep. He was such a gentleman.

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