Art gallery
it hanged
The painting
touching my soul
Reflecting my emotions
thoughts and feelings
not a famous painting
Not many stood in front of it.
People actually passed it
didn’t stand out
an abstract art
Not something you could immediately decipher
Needed keen eyes and spirit
Connecting logic to emotions
Lovers passes by,
Understood it,
Make sense,
meant something.

The painting,
Colours vibrant
Blues, Reds, oranges, browns, blacks and whites
Ran into each other to create a masterpiece
brown hot lava run down
White stream rising
a passage
down center
middle of the mountain
A small hollow
bottom of the crater
Where steam and lava emerged
There were shapes there
the shapes fit into each other
like a jigsaw puzzle
they melted into each other
caught in a embrace
from which emitted lava and steam
it was an expression
of their union
so the mountain pulsed
and throbbed
spitting out
hot matter
white steam
brown lava
shooting out of the mountain
while the cheeky clouds smiled
for they knew the secrets
of the exploding mountain
under the deep blue sky.

© rayhab wangari (read her blog here)