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When Gladys went on a date with King, nothing about her suggested that she knew what had transpired between him and Sally. She was a woman on a mission and wouldn’t be derailed by petty jealousy. She felt that he should be rightly hers since she was the first to meet him. Gladys wanted to be alone with him somewhere secluded and out of town, somewhere that they could talk. She thought long and hard before finally settling on a location. It was to be a camping trip and on the holiday that was coming up. She would pretend that her friends had planned it and then invited her. She waited until they had a chance to catch up before broaching the subject. She suggested that he accompany her and after what seemed like an eternity he said yes. They were a lot of things that she wanted to tell him but for some reason she couldn’t. When they parted ways she regretted not having done so but knew that a chance would present itself on their trip. She sent him a text later however and asked him in a subtle way what he felt for her.  He replied saying that he liked her but would talk about it in detail when they met next or when they were camping, whichever came first.

Tracy knew that it would take a miracle to make King hers as Sally and Gladys had quite a head start. She decided however that it wouldn’t hurt to spend time with him so as to get to know him better. That way she would know what exactly she was missing when he ended up with one of the others. She did not want to admit it but she was curious about what he was like in bed. According to Sally he was really good but she wanted to experience for herself. The idea was not to force herself onto him but to let it happen if a chance presented itself. Tracy suspected that Gladys had planned something grand for King and since she did not know what it was matching it was out of the question. She decided to keep it simple and local. She did not know him well enough to know what he liked and travelling would require a lot of preparation and time which she did not have. Her grand plan included a movie and then dinner at her place which she would cook herself.  Whatever would happen after that was anyone’s guess.

Sally did not expect King to save himself in her absence but she intended to remain relevant. That’s why she called now and then to check up on him, chatted with him regularly via IM and sent him poetry like the one below

I don’t know what I miss most

Is it your touch?

Is it your kisses?

Is it you making love to me?

Is it waking up next to you?

Is it sleeping in your arms?

When I think about it some more

I realize that it is the person (read you)

That I miss the most and not his actions

She did not overdo it as she did not want to freak him out. It would be a disaster if he found out or even suspected that she was obsessed about him.  He was special and made her smile without seeming to try and life without him wouldn’t be very appealing. She had dated other people but had never felt as close to any of them as she felt with King. He was someone that she could see herself spending the rest of her life with. A master’s degree at her current University was the plan at first but after meeting King she decided against it. She would go back to Kenya just as soon as she completed her bachelor’s degree.

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