Today I met my husband
No, my husband met me.
He had the most charming smile
And charmed his way right into my heart

He had the perfect manners
With a courtesy bow, he asked;
Lady, may I have this dance?
I smiled shyly, and gave him my hand

We glided on the dance floor
With each step our hearts came closer
And each beat moved our fatalism together
Melting the distance between our destinies

I looked up into his eyes
They were smiling
This is what I always dreamt of
A prince with smiling eyes

The moment was perfect
My lips quivered in anticipation
My heart begged for the perfect kiss
I closed my eyes in wanton imagination

I want to remember this moment, he whispered softly
… open your eyes Precious…i want to remember this
Then the damn alarm went off!

Today I met my husband…

© stella mueni