He moves out of his parent’s home when in his early to mid twenties. He moves out because he has obtained gainful employment and even though it doesn’t pay much, it’s enough to sustain him. He wants his independence, to be his own man. He wants to come home at all hours of the night and to host parties if and when he pleases. He also wants a space where he can entertain women without too much fuss.

He buys bare essentials for his bachelor pad and whatever he needs but can’t afford, he borrows from his parents (the borrowed items are never returned). He is practical and when the bed (that he has ordered) is delayed, he sleeps on the floor for sometime before it’s delivered. The only furniture besides the bed is a few stools for the visitors whom he doesn’t intend to sleep with. He needs some form of entertainment and a radio, a TV or a computer would do. He would prefer to have all of them but he will make do with what he can afford.

He is not used to performing such tasks as cooking, washing dishes, cleaning the house and doing laundry. He learns how to cook simple dishes. He doesn’t always cook and takeout is his saviour at such times. He washes dishes, cleans the house and does laundry when he can’t avoid it. His girlfriend helps out whenever she visits. He eventually gets a cleaning lady who comes over once a week.

Visits to his parent’s house become less and less frequent as he settles into his house. His relationship with his parents is better now. It was strained when he was living with them as they did not really approve of his lifestyle (at the time). His parents have not yet visited but he plans to invite them when he buys a couch and a few more utensils. His siblings have visited however and they regularly check up on him.

His job takes most of his time and is almost never seen during the day. He feels wierd when he wears a suit at first but slowly gets used to it. He is also clean shaven now and actually looks better or so his female workmates tell him. He is a fast learner and is good at his job. Everyone at work agrees that he is going places He meets up with his pals after work when he doesn’t feel like going home early. He gets derailed sometimes and he wakes up in a friend’s house on a weekday. He has to wear ill-fitting clothes to work.

His male friends visit him but on rare occasions. His regular visitors are women. He is not averse to an occasional fling even though he has a girlfriend. He sometimes invites women over to spend the night and keep him company. He has a problem getting them to leave his house the next day. There is a showdown when girlfriend shows up unexpectedly but Plan B leaves before it escalates. Having his own place has its benefits, for instance he can now take home that beautiful stranger he met at the bar.

It was hard at first but he is slowly getting used to living by himself.

© wamathai warugongo