I had always wanted to hook up with a white woman because i had heard something about them that made me extremely curious. They are very adventurous in bed apparently and so when an opportunity presented itself i took it with both hands. Her name was Leslie and she didn’t disappoint. Everyday with her was a learning experience. We did things in bed that i never dreamed i would do. I didn’t have to suggest anything she seemed to know what I wanted.

It wasn’t all rosy though since some kinky things we did backfired on us. The visitor at the door one time she had handcuffed me to the bed with whipped cream all over turned out to be the best friend and her family. As they were talking, the kids wandered to the bedroom. They screamed when they saw me which brought the grown ups. To say that I was embarrassed is an understatement.

Another time she suggested that I wear her panties to my family get together. It was a turn on for her and she promised to reward me later. I refused at first but she eventually convinced me. I felt safe since only the two of us knew about it. The party was outside and it was a full house. The sun was out, it promised to be a lovely day. I went to help with the nyama choma but the heat got the better of me and I passed out. My uncle, a doctor, checked my vitals and performed first aid. When he loosened my belt and undid the top button of my trouser as is required, my girlfriend’s red panties were clearly visible to all the worried faces around me. I did ultimately wake up and I was alright but I have never fully recovered from that moment of shame. We are still together though.

© wamathai warugongo