We live in a world where men are always accused of being philanderers and where women are advised to avoid such people. So you can imagine my surprise when I heard the story of a man (let’s call him King) whom three women (let’s call them Gladys, Sally and Tracy) were after. What is unique and interesting about the three is that they have known each other for quite some time and are all friends. Each of them is aware of the other’s interest in King but that does not stop them from continuing their pursuit of him.

Gladys was the first to make King’s acquaintance and she eventually introduced the rest to him. When they met she liked him almost immediately but was too shy to say anything about it at the time. She hinted to the best of her abilities but he did not seem to notice. She stuck around him hoping that things would change, that he would one day be hers.

Sally was introduced to him online by Gladys. She had seen their communication on facebook and was curious. She was overseas at the time. They started conversing almost on a daily basis and she grew quite fond of him.  She started obsessing about him actually. She thought about him all the time and couldn’t get him off her mind. She downloaded a picture of him onto her phone so that she could look at it when she missed him.

Tracy met him at a party she was dragged to by Gladys. He was so polite and nice to her. She could tell Gladys was into him so she kept away. She kept her eyes on him however and when Gladys went to the bathroom she went over and they talked a bit. She gave him her number and left before her friend came back. She called him a week later and they arranged to meet the next day. She was love-struck by the end of the date but decided to wait awhile before making her move.

Sally was the first to make a move. She flew from the US to Kenya to meet the man who occupied her thoughts 24/7 and she was not disappointed. He turned to be more than she expected. He took her to his upcountry home where it was just the two of them. He made her feel special, loved. He made making love to her seem so natural and he pleasured her so effortlessly. After three weeks with him she was sure that it was love. She did not want to leave but she had to. She left with a promise of visiting often and coming back indefinitely after finishing her studies.

Sally made the mistake of telling Gladys and Tracy of her time with King and what they did together. The two women realized their mistake and decided to be more proactive. They both have upcoming dates with King. I wonder who will get the guy in the end.

© wamathai warugongo

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