He had been a writer for quite some time but the only people who knew about it were his brother and some of the women he had dated (he used to write poetry for them you see). In 2008 he posted one of his short stories as a note on facebook. The response was so overwhelming that he decided to continue sharing his work via that platform.

He did so until a campaign by some of his friends, who were envious of the attention that he was receiving, succeeded in having his facebook account deactivated. He did not take that event lightly and wanted to give up on sharing his work. He changed his mind after a chat with an established writer whom he met randomly at a friend’s birthday party. The writer who had seen some of his work encouraged him to continue and not to listen to his detractors. In his absence from facebook his fans created a group named, Where is *insert the accidental blogger’s name here*. He was very touched by that and whatever doubts he had about continuing sharing his work dissipated.

He started looking for another platform to post his work and in 2009 a friend suggested that he create a blog. He did so reasoning that he would be able to reach more people that way. He set up a group on facebook to help market his blog and it worked because his fan base grew and he started being recognized. His blog was featured first in a magazine and later, in a newspaper. He started posting work by other writers and his blog became more about writing and its promotion and less about him. In 2010 he came up with the idea of owning his domain so that he could advertise on his blog and use the revenue to train up and coming writers. It is still a work in progress but he is working hard to make it a reality. That is how the accidental blogger came to be.

© wamathai warugongo