I will offer nothing of myself that in itself cost me nothing

This love I offer
This feeling
This action
It is a choice
I am no longer plagued by the tension behind unrequited love
The battle between the desire for your love to be mine and the desire that I would never have loved you has ceased

This love I offer, it has cost me
It cost me my existence
It cost me my being
It cost me my blood
But this choice I make
In the finest of my sanity
To give it to you

Rejection, in all its plausibility
Will not deter me
I offer it to you
That you would know
And it may resonate in the depths of your soul
That the shoulder that would soak your tears, I carry
That the fears you veil, I will understand
That I will allow my spine to transform under the weight of your burdens, if only for love

This time
I offer myself
Not as a broken vessel
But as a budding strength
Not with my I before
But with You ahead

This is the love I offer
My sacrifice of self
To match the steps you take through your journey
To glory at your side
For that would content my heart

Even through pain
This love will be gain
For over and above feeling
Love is an action
And the relentless thoughts of you I have by every instant
Chase you with well-wishes too

Hear my remorse; my prior offences have been plentiful
Just is your dispassion, your resentment
My hope lies in its decease
But still
Even then
This is my offering
My unattached love
My definitive precursor

I will offer nothing of myself that in itself cost me nothing

© adhiambo