I’m gonna be a mama some day,
my belly will swell and the world will tell that within me

a beautiful being is slowly forming tiny toes and fingers,
filled with angelic shine, her mama’s smile and her papa’s eyes,

I’m gonna get published one day,
golden calligraphy will spell my name,

‘ Excellent work’, the world will proclaim
as shelves will fill with my soul’s voice in paragraph and tense,

I’m gonna get a tattoo on my birth’s day,
endure the sting to have this cool thing

that some guy will ink and in a couple blinks,
a magic mandarin mannerism
or just cool kyuk in cursive will artistically run across my ankle,

I’m gonna sky jump on a Thursday,
kiss the sky like the birds, float on a cushion of nothingness,

defy newton’s apple, i’ll greet the earth in slow motion,
pulling it to my core as I become gravity

I’m gonna get married on a sunny day,
dance down the aisle barefoot,and smiling all the way,

we’ll be goofy him and I,sing our vows without refrain,
create a rhythm in which we will remain,

and that first matrimonial kiss,
will be as the sun bows down to bless our bliss,

I’m gonna… I will……all i have to do is pick a day