Good morning Love.

Its been a while since we spoke. I miss your sound. The melody you strummed my heart to. The whispers into my spirit. The way you caressed my soul. The blinding sight of you. The way you excited senses I never knew I had, senses only you have the ability to awaken.

You were young then, I was immature in my knowledge of you. I heard you but I didn’t understand you. You led me through skies pinned with flighty kisses during the day and at night you wrote poems to me with the stars. It wasn’t your tools that enchanted me, as I once thought. It wasn’t the vessels you came to me through; charming as they were. It was just You…and I realize that now.

The war I waged has no place anymore because you have submerged me in the catastrophic beauty of your simplicity. The foolishness, the dysfunction, the sheer insanity that I suffocated you with was an upset to your harmony. They say I am naïve to chose to trust in you again, so implicitly…without reserve. They say that I would be wise to be cautious, even cynical… but if I have learnt nothing from our encounters, this much I shall stand by – I know that you are as real as the words poured on this screen, as the innocence of my niece’s smile, as the security of mother’s hug, as the breathtaking colours of yesterday’s sunset, as the affection of a lover’s kiss…as the life in my blood. I don’t doubt you’re there. “I’ve been burned but I still returned”. God must love me…He must love humanity…so very much for the chance to partake in the grace of your tender embrace. Whether the stuff of idealism, this is my truth…regardless of who takes it and who leaves it.

Until we meet again, Goodnight Love.

I’m sure I’ll be seeing you around…and I’ll take in every breath you exhale until you’re mine once more.

© adhiambo