They look down in sulky withdrawn faces
Wondering what made things crooked
Yet the path didn’t have any bends

Before the Great fiery Seat
The angels have hit a snag
Questions linger as answers disappear

Their cries are all because of you and I
Our path broke long, a while
The track has no footprints

You shattered my dreams
When you left me for him
Yet I wasn’t impotent

There was a blackout in my heart
That the devil feared to trod
Because it represented an abyss

I took my cry to my guardian angel
Interrogated…enquired and asked
For an answer to unknown question

Though mine heart has a soft spot
To bring the dreams of our hearts back
And the burning desire inside
Your mind holds mine guilty
Accusing it of an imaginary conclusion

My angels are crying
Not knowing what hit me
That it hearts them too
And I continue languishing

© mburu kamau