In this game of chess I have been a pawn. I never used to mind it, maybe because I didn’t know that’s what I was.

I used to think I was a knight or castle clearing the way for the queen to go about her business of conquering the enemies and making the enemy king give up his throne. I thought I had honor in protecting my king from his enemies.

I always thought I was important, an important piece of the puzzle. Until I learnt that am just a pawn, strategic job to keep the castle safe but in the end expendable.

Then I had a revelation. Why should I be the one who is not valued, just a soldier in the chain of command, having no real power and dying for a cause that’s not my own.

I had a mind revolution. Its time to get the power. Am not content to be a pawn for the rest of my life. I don’t want to be a commander in the army, a knight of the realm because my power would be at the mercy of the royals. A favor that can be given or taken away.

My vision is to be Queen of the land, master of all I survey. My fellow pawns hear me, are you with me? Will you follow me to storm the castle and bring down its walls? We shall be masters of our destinies. Captain of our fates.

Pawns arise for it is dawn, time to claim that which belongs to us.

© rayhab wangari (Read her blog here)