My boss sent me on an errand one day to deliver some documents to a client. This particular client was located in Nairobi’s Industrial area, Likoni Road to be exact. I proceeded to the bus stop where I found the matatu I needed to get to where I was going .So there I was taking the steps into the matatu when I saw this beautiful woman seated inside and luckily the seat next to her was empty.

Earlier that week I had watched a movie where the main character, a date doctor claimed he could match a man with any woman as long as he followed his (the date doctor’s) tips. One of his tips were that if you ever found yourself with a beautiful woman you didn’t know you should find a way to shock her or do something extraordinary so that she would remember you next time the two of you met. Following that advice I went, sat next to her and said “sasa” like I knew her. “Poa sana” she replied after a couple of beats all the while staring intently at me as if she was searching for my face in her database. I went on to ignore her though I could tell she was stealing glances at me. When the conductor came for our fare I waited until she had hers in her hand and then I politely told her I would pay for her. I then went about my routine again, ignoring her. When she couldn’t take it any more she said “Thanks”, “You’re welcome”, I replied. I then told her my name after which she said “I’m Joy”. After a short silence she said she lived in Donholm, the very last stop. When I noticed my stop was fast approaching I wrote my number on a piece of paper and gave it to her. When I finally reached my stop I told her goodbye and alighted leaving her wondering who I really was. Did I get the girl? Let’s wait and see

© wamathai warugongo 2006