Our world was not always like this. There was a time when my culture flourished across these lands. A time when man lived side by side with nature and nature accorded much respect for what it was; sacred.

But much of this is now gone; tucked away in books of history, where it is considered myth or legend because the ones that now live, vaguely remember it. And although some may be drawn to the truth, they are afraid of it. Afraid to be judged by a world where modern religions and culture reign supreme.

Who could blame them. Their ancestors were branded pagans for worshiping Ngai on Mt. Kenya and for sanctifying the Mugumo tree. Their traditional healers were cursed, and are still trying to shake off the witchdoctor tag. Ancient civilizations that once flourished, are now replaced by foreign systems of governance.

What could the Great Zimbabwe teach us, that we are lacking today? What cures for ailments are we missing out on, because we have moved away from the wisdom that is enshrined in African traditional medicine?

The movie Avatar has got me thinking. That world was no different from traditional Africa. We may not have been riding on dragons, but the relationship and balance between man and nature was synonymous to our past life. The life potrayed on Pandora was so pure that it got some audiences depressed after having watched the movie, because they wished to live like the Navi.

Their reactions may sound kind of extreme, but I believe that this is a yearning for truths. Truths that did not survive the ages of time.

© rhoda gachui (Read her blog here)