Cold and empty

Right before you

I give you my heart

I give you my soul

I am your slave

Do as you please.

I stand before you

Bare and scared

I may never be the same

But this is all I have to give.

I feel the cold

Slowly creeping in

I can feel its tentacles

The grip is getting tighter

I try to breathe

As I gasp for air.

You reach out

Try to grab me

Our hands are slippery

Flesh is ripped apart

As we are torn apart

Why does love have to be so painful?

Why do I have to live with this ache in my heart?

I plead for you to love me

All I get back is silence.

They are back

Here they dwell

No notice did they give.

The ghosts of love

Give me no rest.

© thelma migue 2010